Internationaler Kongress “Danube logistics meets growing markets” am 20.03.2019 im Hafen Straubing-Sand

Danube logistics meets growing markets
B2B forum for biomass and high & heavy cargo

Be it agricultural and forestry goods from raw materials to finished products or heavy devices, building components or machinery: waterway transport can offer tailored logistics solutions and new perspectives for logistics-intensive markets.

The Port of Straubing, its daughter BioCampus Straubing GmbH and their partners Chamber of Commerce of Lower Bavaria, Port of Rotterdam and Sennebogen Maschinenfabrik GmbH therefore jointly present the first edition of „Danube logistics meets growing markets: B2B forum for biomass and high & heavy cargo”

Logistics meets biobased and high & heavy cargo

The international event addresses industry and business actors from transport-intensive sectors and representatives of Danube and multimodal logistics. The focus will be on the cargo-sectors „Biomass, bioenergy and agro- and forestry goods“ with a perspective on the growing biobased economy in Europe and „High & Heavy and project cargo“, encouraging a modal shift from overcrowded roads.

In two parallel sessions, experts from both the cargo owner and the logistics service provider side will discuss chances and challenges of inland waterway transport as a transport mode for the two focus markets. While the focus of the event lies on the Danube Corridor, many aspects are of interest for business and logistics stakeholders all over Europe.

Find the agenda here.

For more information concerning the congress incl. registration please go to the Congress website


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